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Brookley by the Bay

From August 2022 to February 2023, the City of Mobile worked with SCAPE, Volkert, Moffatt & Nichol, and Thompson Engineering to develop a vision for Brookley by the Bay, a 98-acre waterfront park along Mobile Bay's western shore, just east of Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley.

The final plan presents a collective vision for Brookley by the Bay, guided by input from community members, local stakeholder organizations, and project partners. The park will be an integral part of Mobile’s continued growth, provide waterfront access to its residents, and showcase some of the city’s most cherished natural resources.

The collective vision for a new waterfront park at Brookley by the Bay presents an opportunity for people to reconnect with the water’s edge and immerse themselves within the rich, bio-diverse ecosystems that once defined and sustained the region – its tidal flats, marshes, forested wetlands, and shallow lagoons. This vision seeks to carefully weave programmed areas that support waterfront access and recreation through the site’s incredible tree canopies, open fields, and varied shoreline and create new areas that enhance habitat resilience, enrich the under story, and allow coastal ecosystems to emerge and thrive.

This idea for a patchwork of programmed spaces and dynamic ecosystems emerged through a collaborative process with community members, local stakeholder organizations, and project partners. Their input guided the development of a shared vision that creates vibrant gathering places for all and connects the site to the greater Mobile area. Providing multiple modes of access to the site and a range of flexible spaces that support a variety of waterfront activities – from smaller family gatherings to larger events – ensures Brookley by the Bay will be an adaptive and enduring place, helping foster a connection with Mobile Bay among current and future generations.

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The Brookley by the Bay planning process incorporated feedback from more than 300 community members, partner agencies, and stakeholder organizations. Your invaluable contributions have grounded and guided the vision that follows. Thank you for your time, consideration, and support!

Stay Up to Date

To receive updates on the Brookley by the Bay process, keep up with this page and text MOBILEBROOKLEY to 91896.